1. Default

Datepicker appears on focus - click in the field. The text is in English and the date format is US (mm/dd/yyyy).

2. Enhanced

Datepicker appears on focus or icon click. It shows days in other months and the week of the year.

3. Localized

The datepicker can be localized for a large number of languages. Here is the French version.

4. Formats

The date can appear in a number of different formats with the default being 'mm/dd/yyyy'. This example shows the full format with day and month names.

5. Date range

Pick a date range by selecting the start and end date. Several months are shown at once.

6. Inline

The datepicker can also appear inline and notify the page when selected.


The datepicker can do even more. Check out the full demonstration on the datepicker home page.